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Who We Are

The community opposition to the 710 North Extension has been strong since the first resolution against it in 1947. South Pasadena, Pasadena, and El Sereno led the early resistance as they were in the direct path of the proposed freeway and would be most affected by construction, operations, reduced air quality, and loss of homes. In more recent years, concerned citizens from neighboring communities have formed opposition groups and joined the fight.

When the scope of the project grew from a surface freeway connector to two massive underground tunnels with several large ventilations structures, through five possible zones and multiple jurisdictions in northeast Los Angeles, the public was galvanized into action. In 2009, the original Freeway Fighters were joined by the new satellite groups and formed the No 710 Action Committee. This enabled the different groups to share resources and operate with one voice.

We maintain that education is key to understanding regional transportation issues and we have reached out to our neighbors to the south who are dealing with the I-710 Expansion and those to the north that will be getting the High Desert Corridor.

We are gaining in strength and numbers and are determined to permanently halt this project, not just push it into other neighborhoods. We respect the importance of preserving each of our communities and will work with all civic leaders to encourage responsible 21st century transportation development for the entire region. We want to be part of the solution, not just part of the problem.

To date, many of the city, town, and neighborhood councils as well as community groups within the area, have filed formal resolutions against the 710 North Extension (also known as the SR-710 North Gap Closure.) Our committee is supported by members in all of these areas and others listed below.

Los Angeles: El Sereno, Mt. Washington, Glassell Park, Cypress Park, Highland Park, Garvanza, Eagle Rock, Sunland-Tujunga, and Hermon. South Pasadena; Pasadena; Sierra Madre; Alhambra; La Cañada Flintridge Flintridge; La Crescenta; Montrose; and Glendale.


To oppose the extension of the 710 Freeway northward and to reject the expansion of the 710 Freeway in the south, by any means whether above or below ground.

Instead, to work with community leaders, elected officials, and transportation decision makers to promote environmentally and financially responsible transportation development within the Los Angeles County region.

This website is designed to provide information and documentation regarding the 710 tunnel project.

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