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Metro & Caltrans

2006 Parsons
Brinckerhoff Report
Route 710 Tunnel Technical
Feasibility Assessment Report

2010 CH2M Hill
Geotechnical Study
Final Geotechnical Study report

No 710 Letter to Metro (PDF)
Letter outlining unsatisfactory public outreach process during the Geotechnical study, 10/24/2010

2011 Scoping Summary, V1
710 North Gap Closure Project, Executive Scoping Summary Report Volume I

2011 Scoping Summary, V2
710 North Gap Closure Project, Full Scoping Summary Report Volume 2
(1400 pages - takes time to load)

Goods Movement

Metro Press Release (PDF)
Describes the SR-710, the I-710, and High Desert Corridor as the three high-profile projects specifically designed for goods movement from the twin ports of L.A. and Long Beach, 3/21/2011

Everything Long Beach
Metro Executive Director, Highway Programs, Doug Failing interview where he states that the SR-710 North Gap Closure is one of three projects being planned to address the demands of commerce, 3/24/2011

Disinformation about Trucks
in the 710 Tunnel
Statements by Metro, Caltrans, SCAG, and their Official Representatives asserting the tunnel is not being built for freight trucks coupled with their contradictory statements that prove the projects are bing planned as a goods corridor.

Financial Reports and
Investor Presentations

InfraConsult PPP Report (PDF)
Metro financial report outlining six highways projects, including the SR-710 and the plan to bundle it with the I-710 Freight Corridor and the High Desert Corridor to attract public-private investors, 7/8/2010 (Shorter version with slides, received and filed by Metro Board 6/20/2012)

Los Angeles Metro & Public-Private Partnerships
Interactive Metro Marketing Presentation outlining the selling points of PPPs and the projects that are planned for bundling and tolling. Note: the SR 710 North Gap slide shows only twin bore tunnels with tolls and no other alternatives currently under consideration, (PDF of this on-line presentation) 6/9/2013

ICTPA Presentation (PDF)
Doug Failing, LACMTA to International Chinese Transportation Professional Association, 10/5/2012

CMAA Conference Presentation (PDF)
Michael Schneider, HDR/InfraConsult and Kathleen Sanchez, LACMTA to Construction Management Association of America, 9/27/2012

Transportation Summit
Michael Schneider, HDR/InfraConsult to Transportation & Infrastructure Summit, 8/16/2012

Compiled 2/7/2015

Metro & Caltrans

Caltrans released the SR 710 North Study Draft EIR-EIS on March 6, 2015. The public has 120 days to read the 26, 625 pages and comment. See our new DEIR-Info page to learn more.

Caltrans released the SR710 Alternatives Analysis Report in
January 2013, just five days prior to the public open house meetings. 
See maps, descriptions and analyses on the five alternatives being studied.

SR710 Alternatives Analysis Report

The environmental process should include genuine community involvement, rigorous technical analysis and full transparency by the agencies. One public participation component of the SR-710 study, the Community Liaison Councils (CLCs), did not allow a two-way exchange of opinions and ideas, as promised. This infuriated the communities, especially those most affected by the project who were expecting to be more involved. The role of the CLCs collapsed and meetings of the CLCs were suspended after just a few months. The No 710 Action Committee expressed complete dissatisfaction in the overall public outreach efforts in this Dissatisfaction Statement (PDF) 7/20/2013

Stakeholders, comprised of city officials and transportation leaders, were invited to participate in two other outreach committees. The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Stakeholders Outreach Advisory Committee (SOAC) met quarterly. The slides presented by Metro at the meetings showed study elements and design modifications that followed the release of the Alternatives Analysis. The single bore tunnel option was introduced during one of these meetings and did not go through the same level of scrutiny as the other alternatives.


Technical Advisory Committee &
Stakeholders Outreach Advisory Committee

Metro Study Website,
All Past Meeting Materials

Goods Movement (PDF)
Meeting Slides, 11/2012

Summary of Open Houses
& Traffic Studies
Meeting Slides, 2/2013

Detailed Maps,
Single Bore Added
Meeting Slides, 4/2013

Design Refinements & Assessments (PDF)
Meeting Slides, 7/2013

Building & Landscape
Meeting Slides, 9/2013

Value Analysis Study (PDF)
Meeting Slides, 11/2013

Forecasts & Trends (PDF)
Meeting Slides, 2/2014

Study Update (PDF)
Meeting Slides, 5/2014
Handout, 5/2014

Tunnel Considerations (PDF)
Meeting Slides, 8/2014

Environmental Document Contents (PDF)
Meeting Slides, 11/2014

Draft EIR/EIS Overview (PDF)
Meeting Slides, 3/2015



This website is designed to provide information
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